Magic Magic by Magic Magic (2008)

Magic Magic are an indie rock band formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 2006. They would release their self-titled debut album online in 2008, which would be picked up by Rough Trade and given a limited release on CD in the UK the following year. At the time it was criminally under reviewed and incredibly under appreciated, with only a handful of publications bringing attention to it on both sides of the Atlantic. Despite this lack of attention it did at least gain some pretty positive reviews, with the NME giving it an 8/10, and The Times newspaper giving it 4/5. The band also managed to earn themselves a session on BBC Radio 1’s Rob da Bank show in May 2009.

After releasing an EP in the autumn of 2010, What Ever Happened to Monday Nights?, they would release a solid and enjoyable enough full-length follow up in 2011 titled LP II. This was quickly followed up by a second EP, thank you, two months later. Since then the band have been largely inactive but are still operating, playing the odd live show here and there with three active band members instead of the original six.

Their brilliant debut was lazily compared to Arcade Fire and even Radiohead upon its release, but it doesn’t really sound like either of these bands. It was an ambitious album which produced a wonderful blend of catchy and creative indie rock and orchestral pop. The band also used two drummers which added an extra bit of percussive punch to the album. I showed it to several friends at the time and the reaction was always very positive. That’s why it’s such a shame that it didn’t lead to wider recognition and even a record deal. As Gavin Haynes said in the NME at the time: “Don’t believe the lack of hype.”

Top Tracks: Over Your HeartFrench SongTahitiSleepy LionSavage

Length: 39:36

Genre: Indie Rock, Orchestral Pop

Released: 29 February, 2008

Label: Self-Released/Rough Trade

Rating: 8/10


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