1983 by Kölsch (2015)

Kölsch is a Danish techno/house producer and DJ who has been active since the mid-1990s. He is also known as Rune RK (a shortened version of his real name Rune Reilly Kölsch), among several other aliases. He has worked with a fairly diverse range of people in the music world including deadmau5, Coldplay and Nicki Minaj. He is perhaps most well known for the 2003 track “Calabaria.” Produced with his brother and frequent collaborator, it is his biggest hit to date going down quite well in Ibiza’s clubs. A later re-release of it also topped the U.S Billboard Club chart.

1983 is his second album as Kölsch, after 1977 came out in 2013. 1983 is predominantly instrumental besides two tracks featuring guest vocals by WhoMadeWho’s Tomas Hoeffding (“Bloodline”), and Waa Industry (“Papageno 30 Years Later”) respectively. Sadly, these two contributions are among the album’s worst moments, “Bloodline” being particularly bad. The album also features strings from Gregor Schwellenbach on several tracks who on the contrary makes a quite a good contribution, adding some nice detail to Kölsch’s upbeat but emotive sound.

The general formula applied here isn’t all that different from 1977, with simple, building dance tracks. Its mix of euphoria and melancholy makes it a more enjoyable and stronger album than its predecessor, which comes across as a bit flat by comparison. If you’ve heard other material released on the Kompakt label, then you may like what Kölsch has to offer here. The album certainly fits in with what Kompakt co-founder, Michael Mayer, said is “pro-sadness on the dancefloor” sort of label. Despite producing nothing that is especially ground breaking, Kölsch clearly is very good at what he does. Overall, 1983 is fairly solid album, even if a few tracks do let the album down towards the end.

Top Tracks: 1983Moonface; The RoadDerDieDas

Worst Tracks: BloodlinePapageno 30 Years Later

Length: 69:19

Genre: Techno, House, Dance

Released: 8 June, 2015

Label: Kompakt

Rating: 7/10


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